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Our Mission

Collaborating across disciplines to find innovative solutions to complex problems, then sharing our knowledge to improve lives, influence change, and advocate for equity.

About Health Communications Consultants, Inc.

Health Communications Consultants, Inc. (HCC, Inc.) is a woman, minority-owned, small business established in 2009 and located in Winter Garden, FL.

Our Capabilities

HCC, Inc. works with domestic and international academic institutions, community health organizations, medical providers, state and local health departments, non-profit organizations, international health organizations, governmental agencies, ministries of health, hospitals, law firms, and private businesses to address health, leadership, and communication solutions. Some of the services provided to these organizations include program review and evaluation, implementation of strategic planning for priority and data-driven public health programs, and establishment of collaborative community health assessments and health improvement plans to address community health needs.

We work collaboratively across disciplines to solve complex health, leadership and organizational related issues. The company subcontracts with a plethora of experts in the fields of workforce development, leadership development, epidemiology, public health, communications, outbreak management, food and waterborne public health, computer science, geographic information system (GIS), cultural competency in healthcare, infectious and chronic diseases, mental health, opioid and overdose, artificial intelligence applications in healthcare, clinical health services research, healthcare informatics, modeling and simulation, gaming, and much more.

Why Us?

HCC, Inc. has experience with adult learning theories and instructional design concepts such as the Dick & Carey Systems Approach Model, ADDIE Model, Merrill’s Principles of Instruction, Knowles’ 5 Assumptions of Adult Learners, and Gagne’s Conditions of Learning. HCC, Inc., has worked with programs to ascertain best practices, processes, protocols, and workforce competencies and capacity as components to a systematic approach to successful learning.

HCC, Inc. has a unique interdisciplinary approach to public health practice and seeks to incorporate social and behavioral science into its products. HCC, Inc. have guided our clients in mixed methods data collection and reporting for their strategic initiatives. HCC, Inc. has extensive research and evaluation skills. HCC, Inc. applies a health equity lens and employs strategies for cultivating and strengthening community partnerships and establishing authentic alliances.

Background and Founding

Health Communications Consultants, Inc. (HCC, Inc.) was founded by Dr. Sarah D. Matthews, an applied epidemiologist and public health professional with over a decade’s worth of experience in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Matthews is a research scientist and consultant in public health, healthcare and modeling and simulation. She received a B.S. in Chemistry and Master of Public Health from the University of South Florida and a Master of Modeling and Simulation and a PhD in Modeling and Simulation from the University of Central Florida. Sarah’s career spans the gamut from research scientist in private industry to public servant as an applied epidemiologist in governmental public health. Among her accolades, Sarah has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and has been the recipient of several prestigious awards. Her research is in technology acceptance in AI research and development within the public health domain.

Sarah leads HCC, Inc. and is an active member of her research and consultant teams. She ensures that the work delivered by the company exceeds client needs in technical expertise, budget, and timelines. Sarah is a collaborative leader, supporting and participating in interdisciplinary research and work. She maintains strong relationships with academic and industry groups and experts and welcomes the opportunity to introduce clients and colleagues within her network.

Specialties include epidemiology & managerial epidemiology, public health science, health outcomes research, health services research, modeling and simulation, training in simulation.

Sarah Matthews, Ph.D.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you, Sarah for sharing this document, we plan to share with our county work group task force for “reopening” plans.”
– Disease Control Director, FL County April 27, 2020
“Thank you, Sarah will be sharing with our State Taskforce for “reopening plans.”
– State Epidemiology, FL-April 27, 2020
“This is great information and would be beneficial to local businesses.”
– Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management, FL-April 28, 2020
“This is excellent information and in particular the plan templates and employee training checklist. The preceding information/data is critical…I believe this is an excellent resource that we can provide to RSF-2 (Economic Recovery) as they work with the business community to facilitate and educate on safe reopenings.”
– Innovation and Performance Division Director, FL April 28, 2020
“Thank you, Sarah, my country was looking for a resource like this. I appreciate you sharing it.”
– Medical partner, South America
“The course was great! Sarah was awesome! Thank you!”
– Course Evaluation St. Croix Virgin Islands 2016
“Excellent facilitator; great delivery style and content knowledge. (Tuberculosis Contact Investigations and Response Planning)”
– Course Evaluation 2016
“It’s very informative and the facilitator has good knowledge of the subject. (Tuberculosis FIRST)”
– Course Evaluation 2016
“I plan to share some with my staff, and will be watching my own actions for my judgements based on -isms. Thank you for these well put- together meetings.”
– Course evaluation from Local Health Department Participant on -Isms and Health Equity 2021
“I enjoyed the overall message and the way the speaker applied it to a problem that each of us face in our work.”
– Course Evaluation from Local Health Department Participant on Motivational Interviewing and Health Equity 2021
“The trainer was amazing, and so so good at the scenarios.”
– Course Evaluation from Local Health Department Participant on Motivational Interviewing and Health Equity 2021
“Thanks for doing this zoom today. It is coming together more each time and I have a better understanding of Health Equity and using the lense. Thanks for all you have done for all of us!!!!”
– Course Evaluation on Motivational Interviewing and Health Equity 2021
“Thank you for a well-laid-out presentation”
– Course Evaluation from Local Health Department Participant on Health Equity 2021
“The monthly meeting with our NACCHO team cohort and mentors (HCC, Inc.) helped rejuvenate our spirit and inspire us to not quit. They helped us discover ways to reach our community and how to take care of ourselves during the most trying time in our public health careers. But even more so, the grant provided a constant ally in our fight to protect, prevent, and prepare for our work in this COVID 19 battle.”
– Local Health Department Administrator 2021

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